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KUALA LUMPUR: Bottled water producer Spritzer is making an effort towards reducing carbon emissions by utilising fully recycled packaging made with recycled materials for the manufacture of its new bottle.

"Spritzer is stepping up the company’s sustainability initiatives and the new iconic bottle serves the purpose of modern aesthetics as well as encouraging consumers to bring new life to the bottles through recycling, through ‘New Look New Purpose'," said Spritzer group CEO Lim Seng Lee in a statement.


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In addition, he explained that the company's new corporate logo is inspired by its pristine 390-acre water catchment area, which is within the protected rainforest in Taiping, Perak.

Lim believes that the new look and sustainable packaging will help to strengthen the brand's position in international markets.

Meanwhile, he said Spritzer continues to invest in research and development activities to share with consumers the research on the health benefits of drinking silica-rich natural mineral water.


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